Oil & resin on wood panel 122x122cm. 
Prints on Fine Art paper- Limited Edition prints to 20. 
Signed by hand and printed by the artist
MATERIA DILUIDA- Technique: Acrylic, Oils & Resin 1.22x 2.44m
The original pieces were painted and handcrafted with oils and pigmented resins up to 4-5 resin layers on top of each other creating a depth effect technique on wood panel on a size of 1.20.X1.20m. Interested in acquiring the original piece? Send me an email for more info.
Each piece was professionally photographed to achieve a very high standard print reproduction result. 

Order limited edition prints from the original work signed by hand and printed by the artist on quality museum art paper.
- Limited to 20 copies only.

- Professional Art printed using the best quality Japanese LUCIA EX®

- Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308 g.


Rommel Valgart 
"The most incomprehensible thing in the world is that it is understandable.
Albert Einstein"

Statement​​​​​​​ of MATTER artwork
In a context of social upheaval, of crisis in all spheres of the human, in the times when the death of all ethical statements is announced with neon lights in the museum rooms, in the pages of the most erudite of the texts; in times where the originality of the ruptures is read as candid nostalgia, in these times where the fascination with the discoveries of quantum physics and the brutality of everyday life do not seem to surprise us anymore, that is where Valgart finds the perfect interstice to return to the more pristine of the philosophical problematizations, the question about the matter, even though at the beginning it was not posed with such precision, it was always there; the question by the nature of the things, by the split body and soul, and without a doubt the jumble of questions that are woven with the complexity of our times, all of them make us return to the question-statement that Valgart raises in the narrative of his pieces. Using the stylistic antinomy of abstractionism and figuration, he draws the historical and irreducible conflict between matter and consciousness.

In each of his pieces a kind of hatching of consciousness is sketched, always having as a handle the unintelligible of the representation of the whole, and with the superposition of traces related to lyrical abstractionism, Valgart accentuates the polysemic character of matter through of the game zoom in / zoom out in the reading of each piece, of that apparent chaos raises awareness or what he could call the conscious genius. The piece Dilute Matter stands as the Rosetta Stone of the narrative, since it not only impeccably articulates the beginning and end of the series, but it also blurs the apparent anachronistic character of Valgart's acquisition and attacks us with the anguishing conclusion in the observation of the evolution of matter, and that is that consciousness, that is to say, we are nothing more than a happy accident.
Gallerist owner
Favricio Huerta

Opening MATTER Exhibition at la Tozi Gallery
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